“This is the most satisfying martial arts program I have ever been part of. Dusko is the best instructor I have had and teaches a practical and effective form of martial arts. The environment we learn in is comfortable and stimulating.”

Mischa O’Hoski, Toronto, ON, Canada

I am amazed how far I have come, and how quickly one can progress with the effective training method and a couple of simple techniques.”


Rob Dennis, Toronto, ON, Canada

“The chronic upper back pain I’ve had for years is now gone. I also feel stronger and more confident…I am very satisfied with my progress.”

Carolyn Teng, Toronto, ON, Canada

“This program is fantastic! I see the future with more optimism, I feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled in life, and I get fit mentally as well as physically!”

Judy Friesen, Toronto, ON, Canada

“I really like this training…It is refreshing and energizing workout. Also, you quickly learn how to fight for real when it’s necessary.”

Rezso Zoller, Toronto, ON, Canada

“This is a great Martial Art and great Sifu. I am very satisfied with my progress, and I really like Flow and Energy Drills, Dynamic Partner Work, and use of techniques against Full Force Attack. It’s very practical and fun.”

Arron Shaddock, Toronto, ON, Canada

“I have more energy, I feel better and have more confidence that I would be able to defend myself…Good workout, supporting and friendly atmosphere.”

Vera Van Horne, Toronto, ON, Canada

“A straightforward, practical way to immediately stop attackers by doing what is needed to do.”

David Lopes, Toronto, ON, Canada